Jakarta, 02 August 2017 – PT Mitra Komunikasi Nusantara Tbk (MKNT) recorded positive work performance during Q2 this year.

Issuers engaged in the field of telecommunication is capable to score profit up to Rp 23,14 billion. Looking back at the Q1 in this year, the company earned profit only Rp 4,69 billion. So the company’s profit recorded has raised 393,39% (Q2 2017 to Q2 2016). High percentage of profit earned by the company is supported by the sales escalation during the last 6 months. The company recorded that its sales has sharply escalated, the profit was Rp 516,72 million and now has raised to Rp 2,86 billion or grew by 452,94%.

Corporate Secretary, Ornella Bartin, said that the telecommunication industry is sustainably growing, especially in prepaid vouchers and SIM cards business. The large scale of growth that reaches double digits is characterized by the high growth.

Nowadays, the only industry that keeps growing well is telecommunication industry. Since its own function has evolved, back then it was a secondary need, now it became primary need of the public.” she explained.

Total asset owned by the MKNT-coded issuers grew by 399,86% on Q2 last year. The company only recorded its total asset worth Rp 157,85 million, then on Q2 this year, the company successfully scored profit up to Rp 789,03 million.

Ornella continued, positive performance of the company also boosts liquidity stock of the issuers on stock exchange trading floor. Based on interim’s financial report, profit as per stock at the end of June was Rp 19,36, while on the same period in last year recorded only at Rp 4,55. Meanwhile, the stock movement of MKNT on Tuesday (1st August 2017) seems to be on the green zone. Stocks of MKNT opened higher at 500 and closed at 535, up 35 points compared to the previous closing. Transacted at price range of 500 to 585 with transaction volume of 716,100 shares. While on this day MKNT stock is still in the safe zone with being opened at the level of 555 or grew by 3.74% and being traded in the range of 540 - 580.

Ornella Bartin, adding this positive performance improvement will be a stimulus for the company to reach its target until the end of the year. She also claimed to have some strategies that will be done in the second half of this year. These steps include:

-   Expand the distribution area

-   Strengthen the system in the clusters (clusters are regional areas consist of several distribution outlets in certain areas). Using a system that allows monitoring of data in real time.

-   Improve HR performance by optimizing the productivity of sales canvasser.


"Currently we are focusing on transforming our business into a Digital and Fintech ecosystem, with the help of technology we will get exceptional efficiency and can create new business opportunities," she explained.