Jakarta, 28 August 2017 - Issuer engaged in digital-based telecommunications, PT Mitra Komunikasi Nusantara Tbk (MKNT), re-acquired companies engaged in the field of prepaid voucers. The company is PT Graha Planet Nusantara (GPN) 

The acquisition mechanism is carried out by the company through its subsidiary, PT Mitra Sarana Berkat (MSB) with total shares of 89,999 shares at Rp 100,000 per share or equivalent to Rp 8.99 billion and equal to 99.99% of the company's total ownership of GPN shares. The source of funds is from the company's internal treasury. And so, the company will have an additional subsidiary entity under MSB, after the previous four business entities have operated including PT Catalist Integra Prima Sukses (CIPS), PT Arifindo Mandiri (AM), PT Kasih Anugerah Kreasi (KAK), and PT Permata Ibu Optima (PIO).

 "The company recently acquired PT Graha Planet Nusantara (GPN), under the subsidiary of PT Mitra Sarana Berkat (MSB). Now the Company has total of 99.99% of GPN shares, "explained Corporate Secretary, Ornella Bartin.

 Given the information, PT GPN has a business in the same field, which is the sale of Telkomsel prepaid vouchers. Meanwhile, its operational area includes Tangerang. GPN sales capacity per month reaches 60 to 80 billion rupiah.

 This corporate action is a form of consistency of the company against one of the business strategy this year, which is doing inorganic growth by cooperating with companies engaged in the same field. As stated by the company some time ago, the company will continue to work on five key business strategies: Strengthening IT network, increasing prepaid vouchers' resellers, strengthening smartphone sales, expanding cooperation through partnership mechanism with some principal (Samsung, Oppo, and Vivo), and expanding business through an investment in PT Kioson Commercial Indonesia.

 "This corporate action is part of the company's five business strategies, especially in the addition of pre-paid vouchers’ resellers," Ornella added.

In addition to PT GPN, the addition of prepaid voucher resellers will continuously to be done by the company until the end of this year. Ornella emphasized, this time they are still learning some companies that are considered potential to be partnered.

As additional information, with the existence of PT GPN as the new grandson of the company, the structure of Group changed as follows.

 Subsidiaries of the Company consist of:

1. PT Mitra Sarana Berkat

2. PT Mitra Telindo Nusantara

3. PT Kioson Commercial Indonesia


The grandson of the company's business under PT Mitra Sarana Berkat consists of:

1. PT Catalist Integra Prima Sukses (CIPS)

2. PT Arifindo Mandiri (AM)

3. PT Kasih Anugerah Kreasi (KAK)

4. PT Permata Ibu Optima (PIO)

5. PT Graha Planet Nusantara (GPN)