1000 Steps for a Bright Future (Lampung 2017)

6th November 2017

“Let’s Walk 1000 Steps’ Movement”


Though it’s Difficult for Walking, I'm Still Capable for Selling

His spirit is extraordinary. No grumble seen on his face. He lives the days cheerfully. Like there’s no burden, even though there is a burden, a heavy one. Alan (22 years old) as people usually calls him by that name, being dependent to his wife and children. Even to support his own life, he’s not capable of it. His life must be supported by hospital walking stick, since the unfortunate thing happened to him 2 years ago, it took away his left leg and cause him being physically disable.

That evening, this father of one didn’t see it coming, if that evening would become a historical moment on his life. For him, it was a normal day as usual; he worked all day to support his family financially. It was in holy month of Ramadan, so his spirit for working was bigger at that time. Tit for tat, Alan got some small orders. One of his friends called and asked him to help for his moving out. He won’t miss any opportunity, he said yes immediately.

With his three-wheeled motorcycle, Alan went to his friend’s house. The distance is not that far, so it didn’t take a long time for him to get there. Less than 2 hours, all the stuffs were packed and loaded up on his three-wheeled motorcycle. The day was getting darker, he hurried up to bring those stuffs to he would get home earlier.

But who could have guessed, it was not going to a normal evening for him. Everything he dreamed are changed all of a sudden and he didn’t see it coming. On first 10-20 meters, his three-wheeled motorcycle was still stable. Soon, his motorcycle started to drive uphill. He didn’t want to lose the balance; he extremely stepped and pushed the gas pedal, so his motorcycle drove faster. But unfortunately, a 90˚ of sharp junction was missed out of his sight; he was panicking and pushing the brake pedal. He tried so hard to direct the handlebars to the junction, but one of the wheels was unbalance. His focus was scattered, he tried to balance his motorcycle again by direct the handlebars in a straight position, but he miscalculated. Alan, who’s known as a very agile person could not turn the handlebars toward the junction after he managed to balance the rear wheel. Thus, that three-wheeled motor with high speed he was driving drove straight without turning and it stopped after crashing into the wall.

He fell and blacked out. Once he’s conscious, he realized that his “just crashed into the wall” motorcycle had just hit the wall until it collapsed. He could not stand up. His body was pinched by ruins wall. But even worse, his left leg up to the top of his ankle bones were pinched by the brake pedal, and crushed.

He experience severe injuries. The blood flowed like it wasn’t going to stop. He was immediately taken to the nearest hospital. But misery indeed loves company. The massive bleeding he experienced was difficult to treat despite already being given first aid by paramedics.

Even as many as 13 bags of blood could not the bleeding. Until finally, doctors advise to amputate Alan's left leg about an inch from his knee. The operation was successfully done until it finished at 11 PM.

A week goes by, his fate was still afflicted. Instead of having his wound dry out quickly, Alan should be amputated for the second time because he had an infection on his surgical wound. The reason is; he did not respect the doctors’ warning to avoid traditional medicines. The wound was rotting. So there was no other option at that time but to amputate his left leg up to the lower thigh.

As if lost in the woods, Alan has to keep moving forward and live his life with that condition. Life was so hard for him at first since he became physically disable. He was struggling to rest his body on one leg. But as time goes by, he is slowly able to walk with help of hospital walking stick as substitute of his left leg. His activities seem to back to normal, even though there are certain things that he’s not capable of doing anymore.

Despite his condition, his spirit to work things out is still on fire. He tried few times to meet some organizations that would freely give him prosthetic leg, but all they did was giving false promises. He was complicated with tricky and long-winded bureaucracy. Until one day, he met of staffs of PT Mitra Telekomunikasi Nusantara Tbk that offered him a free of charge prosthetic leg.

He was so happy. On his mind, there was still a bright full hope. His dream came true when a team of MKNT Foundation visited him on 6th November 2017. He welcomed the team happily and gratefully. Alan, the first child of 2 was very happy and grateful to MKNT Foundation who choose him as one of the objects “Let’s Walk 1000 Steps’ Movement” program.

“I’m very thankful to Mitra Komunikasi. I hope you can continuously achieve success and greatness. If there is any friend of mine who needs help, I would be able to ask for it.” He said.

Currently, his life is getting better. His left leg is no longer dependent on hospital walking stick. He lives with his little family in the city of Raja Talang Padang; Tanggamus, Lampung, and he support his family financially by selling meatballs in a food stall. His moves become faster, even better, he can drive motorcycle again. More than that, the man named Alanuari, Alan for short, has strong determinations to do things like other people do.

“I even wish to climb a tree, I would like to try it but without my prosthetic leg.” He concluded and followed by his own laughter.